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MARILIM – Aquatic Research and Investigations (http://www.marilim.de)

Offshore Ingenieurgesellschaft  (http://www.conrad-hansen.de)

Company for Environment and Coast (http://www.iczm.de)



What is mari-culture?




Mari-culture is the offshore cultivation of marine organisms

A basic condition is the natural settlement or spreading spawn to anthropogenic structures like oil-stations or wind-energy bracket structures

No additional feeding and no hygiene measures are necessary because a wind-park is open to all sides

Food intake and excrementation underlying natural conditions




Who can be cultivated?



The following species are of economic and ecological interest in the southern North Sea:

Macro-algae: Laminaria and Palmaria useable in aliment, textile and color industry also in cosmetic and pharmacological industry

Blue Mussel/Mytilus edule: as aliment

Oyster/Ostrea gigas: as aliment

Spongae: useable in pharmacological industry

Lobster/Homarus vulgaris: resettlement of strongly reduced population

In other regions of the world other species can be cultivated



How can the system work?





The foundations of the offshore wind turbines should accomplish the circumstances for a co-using of mari-culture without confinement as a bracket for the turbines



Why offshore mari-culture?


Contrary to the high-technology land based aquaculture, which produces only some few noble fishes in completely aseptic conditions, mari-culture can produce a high amount of bio-mass in natural way for different application

This is especial interesting for transition nations/developing countries

The cost can be reduced for both, the wind-park-owner and the mari-culture operator: a classical „Win-Win“ situation



Which risk can be appear?



The risk are the same as for other offshore constructions. Extreme wind and wave action can destroy the structure.

The settlement and the food supply underlie the natural conditions and can not be controlled.

The accessibility is not given at any time, because the weather conditions in the North Sea are incalculable











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